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About James & TrustArte

TrustArte was founded in 2009 by James Billings, a highly respected global expert on "title" strategies for asset privacy. He educates individuals and businesses about the multiple risks of using Corporations and LLCs. Privacy is obsolete because of the internet. Business identity theft and Secretary of State warnings are very real. Title strategies to safeguard your bank accounts, real estate, and business is our expertise.


James earned his professional credentials in the fields of securities, aviation and real estate. He advised clients on sale transactions of high value assets. In 1995 a mentor taught him how savvy real estate investors hold title – they use private trusts. These investors realized anonymity and freedom from secretary of state registrations were huge benefits. The uber wealthy are generally more concerned with taxes yet all business people are concerned about privacy these days. Doesn't a low profile for your assets just feel safer?


Vesting was always an important issue – "James, how do we hold title to get maximum privacy and safety?" This conclusively ended his use of LLCs and Corporations. Thereafter only Realty Land Trusts held real property while Business Trusts held contracts and bank accounts.


Once you understand the interplay of title law, real estate law, tax law, and trust law then apply a specific design the benefits are truly one of a kind. Rather than a toolbox think of an artists palette with multiple colors. A trust is like a swiss army knife - multiple applications.


James is known as one of the most sought after asset privacy consultants for elite investors. He is famous for creating anonymous title to high value assets without expensive lawyers or intrusive government oversight. He divides his time between offices in Buenos Aires and San Diego California

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