Business Trust Book - The Uncorporation


New Book Reveals the Alternative to a Corporation or LLC without

the Secretary of State

James Billings

San Diego California USA

From the desk of Trustarte Founder, James

Dear Successful Investor,


If you’re looking to setup another corporation or LLC in the next 30 days this will be the most important book you'll ever read!

Why give the state more of your personal information and tax dollars? Find out why savvy investors are replacing corporation and LLCs with business trusts.

"The Uncorporation" is the name of this new book

But first a warning:

Before we go any further let me make something perfectly clear. This book isn’t for people who passively follow government regulations or lawyers advertising. This is different yet proven solid because global mutual funds use this structure. It’s my design and strategies based upon years of expertise and application.


Here’s the deal. The structure I advocate in this book works great for me and my clients. I believe it can help you as well. But I’m not suggesting it’s for everyone.


Over 21 years ago we stopped using LLCs and Corporations because of their disclosures, fees and hassles. And even more critical today, easy internet access to nationwide Secretary of State filings and County Recorders records destroyed our primary goal of 'asset' privacy.


Do you want to save franchise taxes, avoid bureaucratic hassles and get true anonymity for your business? If so, this might be of interest to you.


With that said…let me jump in and show you…


First of all this isn’t like any business book you’ve ever read. Actually it’s the first of its kind, and never before published. The UnCorporation - explains why and how I advocate this form of business structure.


The first business trust was formed in the year 1795 to circumvent restrictions on corporations from owning real estate. It remains with us today - viable yet low profile.


You get my insights and solutions to steer clear of attorneys, busybodies and bureaucrats! I also show you how to keep your business details off the internet if that’s what you want. Plus you can forget about all those pesky secretary of state filings, fees, resident agents, and franchise taxes.


Why is this important? Because we live in an era of angry people, frivolous lawsuits, privacy invasions, expansive internet databases, business identity theft, etc. Lots of spooky real life stories in the news everyday! Did you now know there is Secretary of State filings fraud? So what can you do for more safety? Use a Business Trust, period.


The material in this book is impossible to find anywhere -


Why bother with another publicly registered Corporation or LLC if you don't really need one? They suck up your precious time and money. They can expose your personal details. It's time to put all these old hassles in your rearview mirror!

You get anonymity for the owners and the business itself!

It’s about more than just a business structure. Use it to own anything of high value. I show you how the uncorporation can be the anonymous owner of your Real Estate, Banking or Brokerage accounts as well as your Business. Most successful people prefer privacy because they instinctively know it’s safer especially in our legally treacherous business world.


Can you still get corporate tax treatment and LLC liability protection? Yes, and much more!


No, I'm not a lawyer. As a successful stockbroker, professional pilot and real estate broker I have 30 years expertise advising clients on high value transactions. Title, or rather "vesting" (the technical term) was always an important issue. They asked me, "James, how do we own this asset to get privacy and safety?" I was the only one who knew how to use a trust.


Furthermore this book is written in plain English. No $12 words, no Latin phrases, no double speak lawyer talk. It's simple layman's talk.


How you 'title' your assets is the ultimate key to privacy. And I guarantee you it's not an LLC or Corporation. Fortunately one very smart man taught me long ago the secrets for title anonymity. In the book I share it all with you so…


The Uncorporation Eliminates –

  • Secretary of State Filings & Fees

  • Resident Agent Requirements

  • Corporate Veil Risk

  • Government Control

  • Paying Franchise Taxes

  • Bureaucratic Delays

  • Business Identity Theft

  • Secretary of State Fraud

  • Google Search Exposure

The Uncorporation Gives You -

  • Quick Business Setup

  • Stealthy Bank or Brokerage Account

  • Ownership & Asset Privacy

  • Business Anonymity

  • Instant State Portability

  • Business and Personal Safety

  • Freedom from Government

  • Corporate Tax Classification


Find out why lawyers LOVE corporations and LLCs


Find out why they missed the Uncorporation


Find out why Asset Protection is a total JOKE in the courtroom


Find out why the Secretary of State and Tax Authorities lose out with the Uncorporation


Be one of the few who know a better way!

That’s a lot of new insights, tips and strategies. And its information that no one else can share with you. I'm one of few with serious expertise. I'm the only one with privacy strategy.


You can get this new never before published book for only $20.00! 


BONUS PREMIUM - this offer gets a little better because you’re also getting a video training webinar blueprint. You get a full breakdown of each part of the business trust formula which includes planning and operations. It is specially designed for people who want to know all the best features and strategies for their anonymous uncorporation.


You’re getting all of my dumb mistakes and successes rolled into a single story. Find out what NOT to do as well as what TO do. We all know there is no straight line in life. Lots of bumps and bruises but get up again and make success happen!


If you never want to deal with the secretary of state again for the rest of your life or with lawyers or franchise taxes then listen the Uncorporation.

Here’s what to do next...

The cost of this book is $20.00 and you get it instantly as a membership epub or PDF. As soon as you place your order you’ll get an automated receipt along with a welcome email and your download link. You can access the book anywhere immediately without having to wait for the mailman. Or you can get a real paperback version for the same price delivered to your front door.


As you might imagine these books plus advertising cost much more than $20.00 it’s more like $33 to sell one book. So why would I do that? Simple, I’m making this offer with the idea you’ll be so engaged after reading the uncorporation you'll want to do more business with me in the future. Hell yes James let's do it! Why didn't we do this long ago? It's been hiding in plain sight.


But no worries. No salesmen will call and bother you. Nope. It’s actually the opposite. I’m betting you’ll enjoy the book so much that you’ll contact me. Anyway with all that said, this is a limited offer because I don't like losing money selling books for very long.


Also included is Your "Plan B" Guide


Here is one more item for you! Discover the difference between "reactive and proactive" approach to business planning. Many people think I worry about unplanned events. Never worry because I proactively always have plan B in mind. It's how pilots think. Plus you'll see why Asset Protection is a myth sold by lawyers and promoters.



Money Back Guarantee 


You're guaranteed to love this newly published book and training video or I’ll refund your $20.00 no questions asked. Plus you get to keep the book and video training. That’s right… just email or call with your receipt - 100% money-back guarantee. How’s that for fair?


Claim your copy now before this promotion ends -

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter. Let me know if I can help you too.


- James


P.S. in case you’re one of those people (like me) who just skip to the end of the letter first here’s the deal:


1. I’m offering you a new book that explains why to use a powerful and stealthy business structure. It's called a business trust.


2. The UnCorporation book is only $20.00

3. On top of all that I’m also providing you with a complimentary one hour webinar presentation on setup basics, operations and secret strategies. You'll discover why corporations and LLCs are obsolete for privacy.

There’s no catch. I'll refund your money for any reason if you don’t like this valuable business book - plus you can keep it. This is a temporary offer because it’s a marketing test.

This Limited Offer Expires Soon - Claim Your Copy Now

In a few months you’ll look back and know this was a game changer!


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